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I’ve always been a little bit of a digital collector — not to say a hoarder — of images, links, articles and other materials. In the spirit of a new year, I’m trying to approach life more minimalistic. After cleaning some of the excesses, I gathered what only impacted in some form my current workflows.

After all these years I believe it’s time to share with whom might find it interesting some of the books and links I have used and read the most.

Disclaimer: I’m not being remunerated by any of these sites in any form, they are just a compilation of materials I’ve found very useful and interesting throughout the past years.




Refractive Index Database / P&P (IOR) / Filmetrics
Refraction indexes for all sorts of materials

Poliigon / Texture Haven
Amazing texture banks for materials

HDRI Haven / Location Textures (4k)
Free HDRIs

Three D / 3D Scans / Sculptures
Free 3D Scans

Textures.com / TextureNinja
Great texture reference

Render Render
A long catalogue of render farms available

Chris Brejon’s CG Cinematography Book Great reading about everything CG Cinematophy


DOF Simulator
Great for checking your camera comps

VFX Camera Database
All you need camera information

All kinds of photos for environment work

Shot on What
Large database filled with movie production specs

Pushing Pixels / Interface Love
Two awesome blogs about UI in Film and TV

The Art of the Title The name says it all, the best source when the subject is Main Title Design

Art of VFX
My favourite feed to check what’s happening in the VFX world

Movie Title Stills Collection
Huge collection of Movie Titles from the 1920s to present

Convertion LUTs creator


The Stocks
A link filled with the best royalty free stock photos

Programming Fonts
Search and test drive a large set of monospaced fonts

Fonts in Use
Great resource for finding out what fonts are trending

Typewolf / Trend List
Trends in design/typography

Practical Typography
A complete web book about typography

International paper sizes, dimensions and formats

A large collection of Logos

Great list of must-see documentaries

Calligraphy / Lettering

Huge resource guide for hand lettering artists

Simple guide lines generator for calligraphers

Calligraphy supplies & resources

Rare Books
A collection of calligraphy rare books

IAMPETH’s Guide Sheets
Cooperplate/Script guide sheets


Color Palettes

Adobe Color CC / Color Hunt

Colourcode / PalettonColor SupplyPigment
Alternatives to Adobe’s Color CC

Color Mind
Color scheme generator using deep learning

GrabientColorful Gradients / WebGradients
Gradient palettes

Google’s Material Design Color Tools


Design Notes

Illustration Tools

Dimensions Guide
Comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings

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2021 — APR
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